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In January 2010, the capacity utilization rate of the “otherwise non-classified machinery and fittings manufacturing” sector saw an increase of 7.8 points to become 63.2 in January 2010. In June 2010, this rate recorded an increase of 14.8 points compared to the same month of the previous year, thus becoming 72.2.

Turkey’s machinery industry has been given ambitious export targets for the country’s 100th anniversary in 2023. To reach USD 100 billion of exports with a share of 2.3 percent of the global market, the Turkish machinery industry is projected to have a CAGR of 17.8 percent until the year 2023. By that time, the sector’s share of Turkey’s exports is expected to be no less than 18 percent.

Sora is the first manufacturer of aerosol product machines in Turkey and also solution with different system than European Technology with brilliant business highlights.



İngilizce hazırlanan bu rehberin amacı, Türk Makine ve Yedek Parça sektörünü yurtdışı alıcılara tanıtmaktır. Son 6 yıldır 20 farklı ülkeye yılda bir kere ihracatçılar rehberi hazırlıyoruz. Bu çalışmalarımız sırasında yabancı birçok ticari ateşe bizden İngilizce olarak hazırlanmış Türk Makine sektöründeki şirketlerin rehberini talep etti. Ancak sektörü tanıtan İngilizce ve Arapça bir rehber yoktu. Bu ihtiyacı karşılamak üzere böyle bir rehberi hazırlıyoruz.

Rehber Türkiye'deki Almanya,ABD, Çin, Japonya, İtalya, Hollanda, İngiltere, Fransa, İran, Irak, Suudi Arabistan, Fas, Tunus, Cezayir, Libya, Sudan, Romanya, Polonya, Çek Cumhuriyeti, Kuveyt, BAE, Katar, Azerbaycan, Kazakistan, Rusya gibi ülkelerin Türkiye'deki Ticari Ateşeliklerine ücretsiz olarak verilecektir.

Ayrıca çevre ülkelerdeki sanayi ticaret odalarına gönderilecektir. Rehberde yer alan şirketlerin tanıtımları pdf formatında 50 farklı ülkenin muhtemel alıcılarını mail ile tanıtılacaktır. Birçok ülkenin Sanayi ve Ticaret Odası ücretsiz duyurular yapmaktadır. İlgili odalarla görüşülerek rehberde yer alan şirketin tanıtımlarının yapılması sağlanacaktır. Örneğin İran'dan Endüstri ve Sanayi sektöründe 6000 adet e-mail adresine, BAE'de 10 bin mail adresine, Ingiltere'de 20 bin e-mail adresine, Amerika da ise 50 bin farklı e-mail adresine gibi değişik ülkelerdeki adreslere tanıtım yapılacaktır.

Rehbere reklam veren şirketler 40 farklı ülkeden 150 bin farklı şirketin em-mail adresine tanıtımı yapılacaktır. Bu tanıtım bir kere değil, rehberin yeni sayısı çıkana kadar her ay yenilenecektir.

The machinery industry in Turkey is labor intensive rather than capital intensive, and is expected to remain so in the near future. The readily available work force in Turkey plays a vital part in the development and well-being of the machinery industry as it guarantees competitiveness through low-cost labor and engineering services. However, the cost-effectiveness of labor and engineering does not in itself make a world-class machinery industry. In this regard, the advantage of the Turkish machinery industry lies in the accumulation of companies with different capabilities, strategies and products, so that this clustering provides a technological edge to the overall industry.

 The harmonization of EU legislation in accordance with Turkey’s accession process has made it compulsory to obtain the necessary safety and compatibility certifications. As of July 2010, four Turkish national institutions have been authorized as notified bodies to ensure local machinery producers’ compliance with EU standards.


Her dilde tercüme...

The machinery industry in Turkey has been growing at a rate of nearly 20 percent per year since 1990. The growth of the Turkish machinery sector is backed by highly competitive and adaptable small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), which form the bulk of the industrial production in the country.

As the drivers of growth in machinery and major contributors to the industrialization of the country, Turkish SMEs distinguish themselves from their peers in other countries by their utilization of the low-cost and highly skilled work force Turkey offers. Another indicator of the advanced level of the Turkish machinery industry is the rate of domestic input in the production stage. Around 85 percent of domestic input not only reduces the dependency on foreign sources, but also helps other local industries.

The combined advantage of the engineering capability required to compete in the international market with reasonable labor costs enable the Turkish machinery industry to offer a range of products and components that are both high-quality and affordable.

The machinery production of Turkey has also started to take up an increasing portion of the country’s exports and accounts for 8.4 percent of total exports. According to Chapter 84 of the EU Customs Code, major export destinations of Turkish machinery products are Germany, France, the UK, Italy and Iran, respectively. On the other hand, Turkey imports machinery products mostly from China, Germany, Italy, France and the USA. Although a trade deficit for machinery products still remains, the balance has begun to shift towards positive values in recent years. A downward trend has been observed as of 2008, while the trade deficit was down to USD 9 billion in 2009.



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YOU'RE INVITED TO TURKEY FOR MEDICAL TOURISM: Tourists don’t just come to Turkey for the sun and the sights. Hundreds of thousands of foreign patients each year are now traveling to receive treatment in private hospitals in Istanbul and other Turkish cities.

We are  based in Istanbul, Turkey.  Our experience in health sector will give you confidence in high quality and affordable price. Our aim is to provide world-class medical treatment at affordable prices to our customers.


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